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E-Cigarette rant.

Posted by James Himes on March 29, 2014 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

With all the other hot button and important REAL issues or more important things that there are to focus on right now, why is it that more cities are pushing E-cigarette Bans to the tops of their agendas?

I'm starting to suspect big tobacco because they are losing billions a year over people using e-cigarettes as opposed to the regular ones now. Humor me for a minute here.

Most of big tobacco was jumping on the bandwagon at first but when so many people began switching to electronic cigarettes over the original ones and it started happening faster and faster, and Big tobacco couldn’t get in on this wild ride fast enough so they push for things like bans in public places that do irreprearable damage in an effort to slow this movement down with slanderous campaigns and misinformation instead.

I love how the Government hasn't even ruled one way or another on these still but larger liberally run cities all across the United States are jumping the gun and passing bans like someone handing out free candy because fear mongering works!

There is proof of it in almost every e-cigarette article and video on the web now that’s news related. Never mind the fact that countless millions are now healthier and completely OFF of the regular cigarettes because of E-cigarettes, ( myself included, tobacco free for over a year now after 25 years of 1 1/2 - 2 packs a day and totally thanks to electronic cigarettes)

This is why it troubles me to hear of all the large cities putting out these bans rather than do the research themselves and find out the good that these things do and how much safer and better for you they are than regular cigarettes.


People have been trying for years to ban regular cigarettes in public places and someone came up with an answer that doesn't affect those around you and is safer for the whole world and because it still resembles or mimics smoking it's not good enough? COME ON!! Pull up people before you crash and burn.


Not everyone can just put cigarettes down cold turkey they are an addiction much like alcohol and drugs are addicting yet here is an easy way to keep everyone safer and happy and you're banning public use of it because of how appears? That makes absolutely NO sense to me.


There are 4 ingredients in E-cigarette liquids Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine, and food flavorings. That is all! You would really be surprised at all of the different products you the public use every day that have most if not all of these chemicals in them, and they are products that most of you have used probably all of your life without ever noticing that those chemicals existed till now.

Things like inhalers, soaps , tooth pastes, all different kinds of foods and drinks that everyone enjoys daily and never pays attention to the fact that these chemicals are present. Chemicals that everyone is (in most cases ) all of a sudden so scared to be around and all along you have been all your life already. These things are in everything you use and encounter throughout any normal day. But now because they are in something s that are so out of the ordinary and in things people are able to associate with something that is associated as vile bad or toxic even though it is none of those things , people are all jumping on one bandwagon or the otherto try and fight this battle